Speed up your computer through these easy hacks

Using a turtle functioning computer is a no good experience at all plus it will take a toll on your productivity and probably will pissed you out. There a lot of reasons why your computer is running at a low pace. By now, you might have noticed that your computer is slower than it used to be. This is because our computers are getting used up or maybe it aged well, and as a consequence it become slower. But there’s no need to panic, we have some ideas on how to speed up your computer.

Here are some tips on how to boost computer speed

Uninstall unused software

Every time you install an update or plug in your computer, it can slow down your machine. Uninstall any unnecessary software before installing updates.

Update Windows/Mac Software Version

Windows updates help improve the performance of your system by updating the software on your hard drive and other components such as graphics drivers and video drivers. You can update windows and mac to enjoy the latest upgrade nad utilize the software trends while doing your thing.

Clean up junk files

Junk files are leftover files that take up space in your hard drive and make the system slow down when they’re not being accessed regularly by programs or processes. Use an app like CleanMyMac or CleanUp! free app for Mac or PC that can help you clean up these files easily from time to time.

Clean up your hard drive

This is especially important if you’ve been using your computer for a while and have files that don’t need to be on there anymore.

Update all of your software

This means updating everything from Adobe and Microsoft as well as any programs that are installed on your computer that aren’t related to gaming or productivity (like antivirus software).

Use less RAM (memory)

If you don’t have enough RAM for certain tasks, it can cause issues with performance, so try to stick with apps and programs that require less memory if possible.

Adjust your video settings (resolution, color depth). Make sure that everything is set up properly so that your video card doesn’t have to work too hard when rendering images or playing back videos on screen — these are things that can cause lag and other issues in games and other applications such as video editing software or streaming platforms like TwitchTV.

Optimize Your PC Settings

Optimize your computer setting based on your average daily usage so that you computer will not took a lot of work on the uneccesary tasks running in your computer background. Asses your needs and adjust the setting to utilize your computer peak performance.

Install a Better Antivirus Softwar

When installing an antivirus software make sure that it is a reputable due to if it is not a trustworthy it may further damage your computer or worst you will be subjected to malware attacks send by the trackers.

It is not always necessary to spend a huge amount of money for upgrades. A good thing about these computer hacks is that you can do them yourself and save money. Once you know what your hardware needs are, you will have an easier time shopping for hardware when it’s time to upgrade.